Episode 11: Unclaimed Wining Prize

Your regularly scheduled podcast returns with David, Jack & Brunker discussing a void of news and releases, made up for with the topical playing of Diablo 3 and Rocket League. Plus we get our very first piece of fan-mail! Read More


Episode 10: Play Like A Fox

The Internal Robots Podcast returns to your earholes at long last with a new studio, new equipment, new music, new games, and the same old cast. We recall our favourite games from E3 2017, discuss the plentiful and extensive games Read More


Episode 9: Smooth Jams

Dom makes his triumphant return to podcast recording as he and David discuss his move to England, finally buying a current console a month before the next generation, interactive design, GTA Online, Blizzard’s latest announcements and the imminent console releases. Read More


Episode 8: You Stink, Internet

A wild David, Brunker, Gabby, Lachlan and a surprise Trystan appear to discuss the past month of news, such as all the stuff Valve has been up to, their impressions on GTA V and/or mac n’ cheese, and something about Read More


Episode 7: Topical Content

Podcast regulars David, Brunker, Gabby and Lachlan return after another long month, but bring a brand new Andy Nielsen with them, and a few messages from an internet-less Dom. A tonne of new console updates get discussed, as well as Read More


Episode 6: Long Overdue

David and Trystan are joined by the first timer Chris, via Skype by the crippled Jack and a few samples of the overseas Dom. In this long overdue edition of the podcast the crew discusses The Last of Us, League Read More


Episode 4: Terrorise My Butthole

David and Brunker are joined by long-time caller, first-time listener Dom and first-timer Gabby to reveal the new line of Internal Robots merchandise, our plans for PAX Aus, breakdown the Xbox 180 debacle, mourn the video games Australia doesn’t get Read More


Episode 2: Internal Robots One

The next great instalment in the Internal Robots saga has arrived! David, Brunker, Trystan and Lachlan are joined by Dom via Skype to discuss the biggest news in the gaming world of late; the Xbox One! They also talk about Read More