The Chronicles of Cage: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

The inaugural episode of The Chronicles of Cage; a series in which we watch and comment on a variety of Nicolas Cage movies. Through this series¬†we will endeavour to unravel the complexities and nuances of Mr. Cage’s roles, and ultimately Read More


Episode 8: You Stink, Internet

A wild David, Brunker, Gabby, Lachlan and a surprise Trystan appear to discuss the past month of news, such as all the stuff Valve has been up to, their impressions on GTA V and/or mac n’ cheese, and something about Read More


Episode 7: Topical Content

Podcast regulars David, Brunker, Gabby and Lachlan return after another long month, but bring a brand new Andy Nielsen with them, and a few messages from an internet-less Dom. A tonne of new console updates get discussed, as well as Read More


Episode 4: Terrorise My Butthole

David and Brunker are joined by long-time caller, first-time listener Dom and first-timer Gabby to reveal the new line of Internal Robots merchandise, our plans for PAX Aus, breakdown the Xbox 180 debacle, mourn the video games Australia doesn’t get Read More